Switchback Gear Libraries

The Switchback Gear Library will be a place where you can borrow gear, just like you would borrow a book. The gear library model has been proven successful in increasing access to the outdoors while decreasing gear waste and associated carbon emissions. 

Our Pilot Family Camping pack, which includes the items listed and pictured below, will be completely free for the community. For a local family, it would cost $500-$1,000 to purchase this gear for the first time. With our model, that same family can borrow these items for no cost, ensuring a fun and safe camping adventure with minimal financial burden. We are excited to bring this concept to the Triangle area!

Stay tuned for our official launch date!

Our Pilot Family Camping Kit

Our 2- and 4-person pilot camping kits include...

Spacious 3-person dome tent

Cozy 35-degree sleeping bag and pad

200 lumen LED lantern

38 quart cooler with wheels

140 piece first aid kit

Camping chair (400lb weight limit)

Mess kit including plates, forks, knives, spoons, and silicone cups

300 lumen LED headlamp

Multipurpose tarp